Bathrooms In Margraf Marble

The luxury of being unique
By Margraf as Manufacturers

Marble was born even before the first humans, becoming a timeless means of expression for their art, constructions and daily life. This material, created by nature through a slow metamorphic process, skilfully quarried and shaped by Margraf for more than 110 years, creates not only settings of extraordinary beauty, but also unique and sophisticated ambiances that embellish public places and private residences. 

Today, as in the past, Margraf designers and architects, true “artists of matter,” are able to interpret this natural stone with a modern twist, exalting its characteristics through its use in creations of great value. 

The result is…

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Product Details
Name Bathrooms In Margraf Marble
Designer Margraf
Type Wash Basins, Sinks, Baths
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