FG+SG fotografia de arquitectura (Últimas reportagens)

Fernando Guerra has been a pioneer in the way architecture is photographed and divulged. Seventeen years ago, he opened studio FG+SG together with his brother, and both are responsible in large part for the diffusion of Portuguese contemporary architecture in the last fifteen years.

Fernando Guerra is an architectural photographer. His training, however, is as an architect. His gaze is divided between two distinct modes of constructing the world. Given this fact, he is in a prime position to personify the metamorphosis of the field of photography that will lead the practice of creating images to eventually identify itself, in…

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Industry: Photographers 
Specialties: Photography 
Website: http://ultimasreportagens.com/
Address: Av. de Roma nº 72 - 2º Dto - R 1700-350, Lisboa, Portugal
Phone: +351 91 6551164
Email: sergioguerra@ultimasreportagens.com
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