B.lux, manufacturers of contemporary design lamps
Our business adventure began in 1980. At that time the concept of design was only vaguely appreciated in our area: the Basque Country. This, together with a very scarce local market for this type of product, spurred us towards internationalisation at a very early stage. 

We hit the international market with a set of indispensable collaborators: our product designers. In 1980-1981 we worked with Guillermo Capdevila, one of the promoters of design in Euskadi. He was the creator of the Blux System, a collection of lamps that marked a shift in B.lux's product…

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Industry: Manufacturers 
Specialties: Lighting  Lamps 
Founded: 1980
Employees: 500+
Website: https://www.grupoblux.com/
Address: Pol. Ind. Okamika, pab. 1. 48289. Gizaburuaga, Bizkaia, Spain
Phone: (+34) 94 682 72 72
Email: info@grupoblux.com
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